Amethyst has a midnight blue shirt, said by Cohen. She had a midnight blue shirt, with a silver moon on the corner of her right sleeve. Her hair was black. Black as night time in a cave in the mountains, that was also tied up in a braid, but had no adornments, except for a silvery strand of hair. She had shorts that matched the color of her shirt, with a silver waistband. Attached to the waistband was a half skirt, made of the same material as her sister Citrine’s, although it was purple with scattered silver flecks. Instead of short and only reaching her knees, Amethyst’s skirt flowed all the way down to her ankles, long, but able to run in. She also had a sword, silver, and amethyst studded by her side, and she had a silver bow strapped to her back, with a quiver of silver arrows. She had a chestplate, silver, and studded with amethysts into the shape of a crescent moon. Both her and her sister’s eyes were ebony black.


Amethyst is hardcore to anyone she didn't know very well, but when she did, she cared very much and was willing to sacrifice anything. She was described by Sako and Amethyst's sister Citrine to be kind, caring, brave, extremely strong and powerful, and very loyal. She has been seen diving off a cliff more than 2,000 feet off the ground when they were journeying to the Land of Evil to save Alia when she was attacked by a mind controlled Sapphire, who had summoned the wind to throw Alia off balance when they were climbing the Six Spirit Peaks. Later when she brought Alia and Sako to safety from an avalanche of boulders in book five, The Land of Evil, she faced off with her sister who had been taken over by Cohen. She overpowered her little sister, and was forced to watch as Citrine plummeted down the long ravine to unknown depths.


unnamed mother Citrine(sister) Sako (adopted sister) Alia(adopted sister) Nacre (daughter


an amethyst is a purple gem. Amethyst means purity, which is one reason why Cohen has so much trouble taking over her mind.

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