The Spirits are powerful beings, each with their own power.


Spirits are about the same size as The Humans, with hair usually tied in a ponytail or loose. They have slightly longer hair than The Humans, with eyes related to their power. They have outfits and accessorizes based on their power as well. They are sleek and agile.

Power Sources

The Spirit's powers come from two garments, Silver Armbands, with a gem of their name. They also have earrings on their main power. Example: Amethyst, The night, controller of the Moon and Night. Her armband is silver with an amethyst embedded and silver crescent moon earrings.


Each Spirit's abilities is vary, depending on their name and earring.


The only known evil Spirit is Cohen, a Spirit who is different from others, being powerless, and doesn't have a gem name like other Spirits. But since he slept during the time of the Obsidian in the Clock of Namia, he has turned evil, taking over the minds of other Spirits, and naming himself, Sin, and Obsidian, for his stone.

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